About the MARPA Spring 2020 Virtual Event

The MARPA Spring 2020 Virtual Event was held online on May 27-28, in cooperation between the Modification And Replacement Parts Association (MARPA) and the International Trade Administration (ITA), and in partnership with Air Carrier Partner Scandinaviation Airlines System (SAS).

Though the event was previously held, the links below provide more information for your reference:

A word from President Jason Dickstein regarding the event:

“MARPA is committed to the health and safety of the aviation community and of the flying public. This virtual event will allow the industry to share ideas and learn about new developments without risk and without incurring additional attendee expense. We’re excited about the idea that attendees will be able to join the event from their office or home computers.”

MARPA and SAS jointly decided that the responsible move was to protect health and safety by convert the Stockholm event into an online event. Dickstein expressed his gratitude for SAS’ efforts.

“We want to thank SAS for their generous offer to host the 2020 event at their facility; we’re very sorry that current health events will preclude us from holding a live event in Stockholm. SAS is an airline system with a long history and tremendous people, and I know that they are going to continue their history of success after Covid-19. I hope we can arrange to partner with SAS in 2021.”

MARPA thanks our sponsors, whose generous support enabled attendees from around the world to log on to this complimentary event.
MARPA is proud to have partnered for the MARPA Spring 2020 Virtual Event with the U.S. Department of Commerce ITA and with Air Carrier Partner Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS). We appreciate the support of our sponsors at HEICO, Jet Parts Engineering, Peidmont Propulsion Systems LLC, and R&D Dynamics. 2020 Conference Sponsors

The MARPA Spring 2020 Virtual Event, much like other MARPA conferences and meetings, featured presenters that provided information to educate aerospace professionals about the FAA-approved PMA aircraft parts manufacturing industry. Speakers for the event shared knowledge with attendees about the latest developments in PMA in efforts to help them improve their company’s efforts towards safety, savings, and stability, and to foster international trade.

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