MARPA Member to Member Carrier One-on-One Meetings

MARPA Members Only Benefit for the 2022 MARPA Conference: MARPA Member to Member Carrier One-on-One Meetings

In response to requests from MARPA members across the PMA parts industry for MARPA to help provide networking opportunities, MARPA will be hosting an afternoon of facilitated meetings between MARPA Members and MARPA Member Air Carriers during the 2022 MARPA Conference.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022
1:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Participating MARPA Member Air Carriers will remain seated at designated tables for a series of meetings, and MARPA Member solutions providers who have registered by the supplier deadline will be permitted to attend each meeting as scheduled for them by MARPA. Each meeting will be timed in equal duration, with time offered between meetings in order for suppliers to move to the next scheduled meeting or to exit. Participants will have their meeting schedule provided to them by MARPA via email on October 26th.

See below for guidelines.


MARPA will help carrier members facilitate meetings with the solutions providers you need and want to meet with. Meet in an environment where you’re assured you'll spend time with each, to hear how you can best work together. Because suppliers will come to you in this scheduled space, you have the ability to meet with companies you may not usually have the chance to see, bringing new opportunities for both operators and suppliers. Sometimes events can leave you feeling "peopled out", but the MARPA Member to Member Carrier One-on-One Meetings are scheduled with "breathing room" built in between each session to give Carriers a chance to make notes and collect their thoughts. A maximum of two participants per table is requested, but Carrier Members are welcome to request multiple tables to allow for the most impactful session possible. Maybe you have team members coming from different departments, maybe a new employee that you'd like to meet as many suppliers as possible but they aren't sure who to talk to; this is the perfect opportunity!


1. Register to attend the 2022 MARPA Conference by completing all sections of the registration form, and return the form to MARPA
2. Choose representatives from your MARPA member air carrier to sign up for the session, and determine how many tables your team will need
3. Sign up to participate by October 21st , using the Member Air Carrier form
4. Commit to attending the session and await your schedule via email on Oct 26th

*If you missed the sign-up deadline, please contact MARPA at or +1.202.628.6777 to discuss.


MARPA is providing suppliers the chance to meet with customers you currently work with, as well as the as the customers you wish you could work with, all in a structured, comfortable, scheduled environment. Take the opportunity to spend ten minutes with a carrier whose fleet is just right for your parts, who you are sure could use your DER services, or who would benefit from your wealth of knowledge as a consultant. Spend time with your customers before the official Conference kick off, so your solutions to their needs are in mind from the very start of the event. Eliminate the worry that you'll go the whole conference without meeting your customers. Take the opportunity to demonstrate the value of attending the Conference as a MARPA Member to your management before you've even left the office. While the MARPA Member to Member Carrier One-on-One Meetings are new (and we do expect some growing pains), there is clear value to all MARPA Members that attend the session.


1. Register to attend the 2022 MARPA Conference and confirm membership in good standing by completing all sections of the registration form, and return the form to MARPA
2. Review the list of participating carriers and their roles
3. Choose one representative from your MARPA member company to sign up for the session
4. Sign up to participate between August 13th and October 21st, using the Member Supplier form
5. Commit to attending the session and await your schedule via email on Oct 26th


Meeting slots are highly limited, and will only be available for MARPA members in good standing, who have reserved their session space in advance of the deadlines outlined above. Onsite selection will not be possible. Additional guidelines will be provided on our website prior to the event.


• Carriers may have more than one table
• No more than two (2) carrier representatives per table
• Carrier Members will be seated at their designated table for timed meetings, with time between meetings for suppliers to exit
• The luncheon prior to the session is limited to participating Carriers
• Carriers wishing to participate who miss the Carrier sign-up deadline of October 21st will not be able to participate in the session, with the exception of designated substitutions provided to MARPA by November 1st


• Only one selection per dues-paying MARPA Member company in good standing made by a registered representative will be honored for that company
• Additional submissions from participating companies will be disqualified
• Submissions from previous MARPA members will be held for 48hrs, and the representative will be contacted and asked to bring membership into good standing; failure to do so will result in a disqualified submission
• Submissions from parties who are not registered for the Conference will be disqualified
• There will be no preference in meeting scheduling based upon time of sign-up, company size, duration of membership, sponsorship status, or any other consideration; timeslots will be chosen by a randomized computer generator
• Subsidiary companies that do not pay individual dues but are under the umbrella of a MARPA member company are not considered as individual entities for this purpose
• No more than two (2) company representatives per table may attend each meeting
• Additional company representatives are not permitted in the session space during the meeting session


• Air Carrier participants will be seated, and non-carrier participants will go to the appropriate table at the time of their pre-scheduled meeting
• Each meeting will be equally timed in length, with time between meetings for suppliers to exit
• At the end of each timed meeting, a MARPA representative will sound a chime that indicates the end of the meeting
• Non-carrier participants must vacate the meeting table when their meeting time has concluded and are asked to leave the session room until their next scheduled meeting
• A brief break will be provided for Air Carrier participants during the session; all non-carrier participants are asked to vacate the session room during that time
• Intentional loitering in the meeting room will not be tolerated during the session
• Please notify a MARPA staff member if assistance is required

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