Speakers List

The 2021 MARPA Conference will be held on November 3-4, 2021 in Orlando, Florida, in partnership with Air Carrier Partner United Airlines.
Though the event agenda is subject to change, the list of speakers appears below for your reference.

The Speakers List Includes:

  • Keynote Speaker: Herv Lavenant - Managing Director; Tech Ops Transitions, United Airlines
  • Robert Anoll- PMA Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Ryan Aggerggard - Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, Modification And Replacement Parts Association
  • Richard Brown - Managing Director, NAVEO Consultancy
  • Jason Dickstein - President, Modification And Replacement Parts Association
  • Donald Douglas - Lead Engineer; PMA Engineering Team, Delta Air Lines and MARPA Air Carrier Committee Co-Chair
  • Daniel Elgas Quality Management; Aviation Safety, Federal Aviation Administration (invited)
  • John Hunter - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, HEICO
  • Daniel Kanter - Assistant General Counsel and Chief Counsel Antitrust, International Air Transport Association
  • Joshua Krotec - Senior Vice President, First Aviation Services Inc
  • Patrick Markham - VP of Technical Services, HEICO
  • Jesper Rasmussen - Deputy Flight Standards Director, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (invited)
  • Steve Szpunar - Director, Corporate Regulatory and Engineering, HEICO
  • Diedre Vance - Senior Engineer, American Airlines
  • Captain Juan David Vega - Specialist in Airworthiness Certification and Aeronautical Promotion, Colombian Air Force (CAF) SECAD (invited)

MARPA thanks our sponsors, whose generous support enabled attendees from around the world to log on to this complimentary event.
MARPA is proud to present the 2021 MARPA Annual Conference in partnership with with MARPA Air Carrier Member United Airlines. We appreciate the support of our sponsors at HEICO, First Aviation Services Inc., Jet Parts Engineering, Wencor Group, Aviation Technical Services, and Vogt Aerospace.

2021 Conference Sponsors

If you have ideas about speakers or topics for future MARPA events, please feel free to contact the Association. Sponsorship opportunities for future events still exist. We always welcome your input.

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