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2024 MARPA Winter Meeting

The 2024 MARPA Winter Meeting will take place on February 7, 2024. The location for the 2024 MARPA Winter Meeting will be at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) headquarters office in Washington, DC.

The meeting is open to all MARPA members in good standing, and there is no charge to attend. Please contact MARPA by January 31, 2024 if you are interested in attending this meeting session.

The Winter Meeting is an intimate opportunity to work closely with the Association and the Board on a topics of special interest to MARPA members. The agenda focuses on discussing MARPA's strategic objectives, initiatives, and plans. This "open board meeting" gives MARPA members the chance to have their voices heard about matters of importance to their company, and to help shape our association and industry as we move forward. Members attending can weigh in on things like future MARPA event details, MARPA Committee initiatives, dues structures and member benefits, association direction, FAA-PMA promotion and more.

Strategic discussions at past MARPA Winter Meetings are responsible for many exciting MARPA programs like our export promotion initiative and partnership with the International Trade Administration, the development of the MARPA EMEA Conference, collaboration with industry events to increase global FAA-PMA education, virtual training sessions, and increasing benefits to MARPA Members.

MARPA Winter Meetings also typically include presentations by government and trade association representatives. In previous years, we have welcomed invited representatives from the FAA, EASA, the U.S. Department of Commerce, GAMA, A4A, and other relevant agencies and associations.

If you would like to propose future discussion topics for the Winter Meeting, please contact MARPA. We always encourage and welcome your ideas and feedback! If you are a MARPA member wishing to obtain additional information about the Winter Meeting, please contact MARPA Sr. Program Manager, Katt Brigham at katt@washingtonaviation.com or +1.202.628.6777.

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