MARPA Meetings and Conference

MARPA holds several meetings during each year:

MARPA Winter Meeting

The 2021 MARPA Winter Meeting will be held as an online virtual meeting on January 13, 2021.

The Winter Meeting is an intimate opportunity to work closely with the Association and the Board of Directors on a topics of special interest to MARPA members. The meeting is held each Winter, typically at MARPA Headquarters, but will be held virtually in 2021 in light of continued health and safety concerns due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

There is no charge for registering for this meeting, which is open for all active MARPA members. If you would like to propose future discussion topics for the Winter Meeting, please contact MARPA.

This meeting typically includes presentations by government and trade association representatives but due to this year's shortened duration will focus directly on a discussion of MARPA strategic objectives, initiatives, and plans.

Past topics have included items like Continued Operational Safety (COS), Safety Management Systems (SMS), Sequencing, ICA, FAA regulatory changes, FAA departmental restructuring, and Research Tax Credits.

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MARPA EMEA Conference

MARPA has hosted the MARPA EMEA Conference in Europe since 2015 in order to bring together experts and leaders, manufacturers and customers within the PMA industry in a location designed to facilitate business between USA FAA-PMA manufacturers and the international air carrier community in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in cooperation between the Modification And Replacement Parts Association (MARPA) and the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA).

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 MARPA EMEA Conference originally scheduled to take place in Stockholm was converted into a virtual meeting, as will be the 2021 event. The MARPA EMEA Conference is expected to next be scheduled as an in-person meeting in 2022, with schedule subject to change.

The MARPA EMEA Conference expects to be held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2022, with dates to be announced. The MARPA EMEA Conference will bring together parts users (like airlines and MROs) and parts producers (like PMA holders) to learn more about how to integrate PMA parts into their systems to improve safety and reliability, as well as to save money.

The MARPA EMEA Conference is an excellent networking opportunity for customers and manufacturers alike! Operators and MROs have found that the reliability improvements, safety improvements and cost savings that can be discovered at this conference should provide tremendous ROI for the time invested. The meeting will include presentations by government and industry representatives on topics of interest to the community of aircraft parts users, as well as to manufacturers.

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MARPA Spring 2021 Virtual Meeting

The MARPA Spring 2021 Virtual Meeting will be a an online virtual conference created to bring information and opportunity to the global PMA industry during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic via presenters from multiple facets of the industry. The virtual meeting will be held online in Spring 2021, and will featured speakers presenting regulatory updates, strategies for saving money on maintenance costs, and improving reliability and safety using FAA approved PMA parts, among other relevant topics to help MARPA members and members of the aviation industry.

Click here to learn more about the previously-held MARPA Spring 2020 Virtual Event, for your reference.

2021 MARPA Annual Conference

The MARPA 2021 Annual Conference is currently expected to take place in Orlando, Florida with dates to be announced. Be advised that MARPA is monitoring the Covid-19 panemic's impact on the safety of the event, and as such dates and venue are subject to change.

There are a number of reasons to be excited about this Conference! The PMA industry is experiencing a great deal of change, and our program and agenda will be designed to reflect this.

  • Business insights and opportunities
  • Education for the aviation parts marketplace
    • Current challenges and opportunities
    • FAA and non-US compliance
    • Making your PMA business more profitable
    • Working with your customers for mutual success
  • Access to industry resources and experts

Click here to learn more about the previously-held 2020 MARPA Annual Conference, for your reference.

Midweek MARPA

MARPA Members can join us online each Wednesday from 5:00-5:30pm EST for Midweek MARPA!

MIDWEEK MARPA is a new, free weekly online session of conversation, games, and MARPA member networking held every Wednesday. Share your screen and virtually meet with other members, use AnyMeeting to chat with the group or one-on-one, or dial in. Download the Kahoot! app or go online and follow along with a specially customized round of MARPA and aviation-themed trivia. There is no fee for MARPA members to participate in MIDWEEK MARPA. All MARPA members in good standing can take advantage of these sessions Air Carriers, PMA manufacturers, DERs, MROs, and associate members are all welcome to take the opportunity to mix & mingle with other MARPA members via chat and video on the AnyMeeting platform, and to test their knowledge via trivia session on Kahoot or play a collaborative game via Jackbox.

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